Tim Matheson | Photographer

Tim Matheson


Tim Matheson began exploring life through imagery starting in the 1960's with a Kodak Brownie and black & white film. Now he is an award-winning projection designer, photographer and videographer who has used the projection of imagery as an element of the set design in over 100 designs for theatre, opera and dance.

For Tim Matheson, making images of live performance in theatre, opera, dance and music is a great opportunity to create in collaboration with people who are living their dreams. The very nature of live performance is ephemeral - Tim's photographs provide a continuing connection to the moments this work is made of. He is constantly grateful to be able to participate in this way with so many wonderful people.

In addition to his work in live performance, Tim Matheson pursues several other forms of photography. His photographic portfolio includes fine art, portraiture, stock photography, horticultural books and magazine assignments. He can be contacted by phone or email.

timmatheson@me.com · 1-604-251-6096

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